Tennis and Pickleball court availability link:

Register and view scheduling platform for tennis and pickleball courts.


1) Click the above link and please type in your email, first and last name, and create profile.

2) Once in the system, at the bottom left part of the screen there will be an outline of a person. Please click and select the “My Profile” section

3) Scroll down until you see the “Payment” option and enter your credit card information (please allow 24 hours for us to process membership), you will receive your Pickleball Membership plus discount rates in our system for court rental times (“Pickleball Tag” in calendar system). IF YOU DO NOT WISH TO HAVE A MEMBERSHIP, PLEASE EMAIL SQFAMILYCENTER@GMAIL.COM and you will not be charged for a membership and you will have to pay full price for open play and court rental times.

4) The membership is $60.00 and will allow rates through April 15, 2021, regardless of sign up date. During the 24-hour processing period, you will secure “Pickleball Tag” in scheduling system allowing you to book at discounted rates listed below.

5) All pickleball courts are reserved by contacting Sherry Velthouse for questions/inquiries at:

6) Court times available Monday – Friday 9am – 3pm, Wednesday night 6:30p- 9:30p, Friday 6:30p- 9:30p.

Sportsquest  Pickleball Court fees 2021- 22

  1. 6 month membership- October – April: Cost $60.00 per person
  2. Court rentals are for 3 hr blocks.
  3. Court fees:

Members court rentals:

  1. Less than 10 weeks- $40.00 ea  court -3 hour block
  2. More than 10 weeks- $35.00 ea court – 3 hour block

*** To get this pricing all players on the court must have a membership.

            Non-membership:(no 6 month membership)

  1. Non- membership- Courts are a flat rate of $60.00 ea. court – 3 hour block

Open Play will start Jan. 3, 2022

  1. MWF- 9a- noon
  2. Members- $5.00 – Nonmembers- $7.00 (Membership $60.00 until April 15)
  3. Self pay with Venmo(Sports Quest) or Drop box in office on left hand side of wall.

Tennis courts may be reserved no more than two weeks in advance and are subject to availability. Before requesting a booking, please look at the tennis schedule (link above). Scheduling inquiries may be made through the SQ email address (below). Only SQ staff can schedule tennis activities on courts. If courts are open, members are free to come play on a first come first served basis.