Welcome To SportsQuest

Welcome to SportsQuest, Zeeland’s premier Baseball, Softball, and Tennis training facility. SportsQuest is a clean and safe environment for members—7 years old through high school age—to develop and/or enhance their Baseball, Softball, or Tennis skills. Membership is required with eligibility requirements (found under the Eligibility and Pricing tab). Members use SportsQuest to develop all the skills required to excel at Baseball, Softball and Tennis.


Dear SportsQuest Members,

Effective June 1, Jim Bush and Ned Freriks will retire as managers of SportsQuest. If you have had the pleasure of interacting with one or both of them, you know they will be sincerely missed.

SportsQuestJim and Ned have managed SQ since its inception in 2008. As good friends of our founders, Jack and Mary De Witt, these gentlemen have served as exceptional stewards for SQ and helped Jack’s vision become reality for our community. Both men brought their individual passion, energy, care and personality to their work. Always faithful to our membership, Jim and Ned had a special connection to the place and its people that went beyond the norm. By providing owner-like oversight to their positions, SQ benefitted from their attention to detail in all areas including maintenance, scheduling, member relations and accessibility. Maybe most importantly, Jim and Ned helped to reinforce and to shape the culture of SQ. For that, we are forever grateful.

Additionally, Jim and Ned ensured our mission statement was more than just words on paper, and they exemplified it in their actions. It reads, “To provide year-round training opportunities for baseball, softball and tennis players of all abilities, so they develop their knowledge and skills to become the best players they can be in a family-friendly, Christ-centered facility.” Jim and Ned certainly nurtured our family-friendly environment and, as men of faith, carried out our mission as envisioned.

We can never re-pay Jim and Ned for their exceptional service and positive impact at SQ. Their care for the membership and for our family cannot be overstated. We can, however, let them know how grateful we are for their outstanding service and how proud we are of their representation of Jack, Mary and all of the rest of us during their tenure. If you are so inclined, please take a moment to express your gratitude as well; we’re sure they would appreciate it!

Best Wishes Jim and Ned and our heartfelt thanks, always.


SportsQuest offers:

Hitting: Players can work on basic hitting skills by utilizing the batting tees and soft toss netted areas. For the more advanced players, SportsQuest has multiple batting cages and each batting cage has state-of-the-art pitching machines with adjustments for speed and height.

Pitching: Players can work on pitching skills by utilizing the pitching cages or the field. SportsQuest has multiple pitching cages with portable pitching mounds.

Fielding: SportsQuest offers a large baseball field with a major league sized infield for practice and training to develop fielding, base running, catching workouts, and throwing skills.

Professional Training: SportsQuest has partnered with Elite and Baseball Concepts, professional training organizations, for those players who want personalized professional training to further develop their skills. This is a contracted service between the individual player and Elite utilizing SportsQuest’s facilities. Baseball Concepts offers camps to players specializing in hitting, pitching, catching, fielding, and strength training.

Tennis: SportsQuest offers a state-of-the-art Tennis facility with two courts and an automated remote-controlled ball server. This will allow Tennis students to develop and enhance their Tennis skills. Eligibility requirements, rules, and code of ethics are the same as for Baseball with a similar annual fee schedule. Reservations for court times will be available.

Pickleball: A new addition to SportsQuest, anyone can now purchase a membership and play pickleball on our tennis courts. Membership information and times available under the tennis/pickleball tab above.