Membership Applications

Thank you for your interest in the SportsQuest Family Center. As Zeeland’s premier Baseball, Softball, and Tennis training facility, SportsQuest provides a clean and safe environment for our members.

SportsQuest membership is available to Zeeland and Hamilton School district residents only (age and location rules exempt for pickleball). Children—age 7 through High School—who have a desire to learn or improve their Baseball and/or Tennis skills are welcome to submit an application to be considered for membership. To qualify for a SportsQuest membership, children who are ages 7-12 years old must support and play in their respective Little League programs. They would also need to meet the minimum requirement of games played for their Little League, and if selected, they would also be required to play on the All Star team. Please note that application information must be reviewed/updated every year for membership consideration by the SportsQuest Board. If approved for membership, all SportsQuest Rules and Code of Ethics must be followed. SportsQuest reserves the right to remove the membership of anyone who fails to comply with the SportsQuest Rules and Code of Ethics.

Application Process:
1. Purchase an annual subscription for your level below.
2. Please note that your membership dues will automatically be charged on your debit/credit card or account in one year; however, you will still need to update your profile information in one year in order to qualify for a renewal membership. You will be emailed reminders prior to the automatic renewal payment in order to give you a chance to either cancel your membership or to update/verify your profile information if you would like to renew your membership.

*The annual membership price is subject to change based on needs to keep the facility running and maintained properly.

Terms & Conditions:
By submitting the form and purchasing the membership, you acknowledge that there are inherent risks and dangerous conditions involved in the use of Sportsquest’s facilities. You understand that Sportsquest assumes no liability for injuries, death, or property loss that occur on its premises, that arise from the use of its facilities, or that are caused by the negligence of Sportsquest, its officers, or its agents. In consideration of the use of Sportsquest’s facilities, you voluntarily assume all the risks of injury, death, or property loss for you and your children, and you release Sportsquest, its officers, and its agents from liability for all injuries, death, or property loss
1) that occur on Sportsquest’s premises,
2) that arise from the use of Sportsquest’s facilities, and
3) that are caused by the negligence of Sportsquest, its officers or its agents.

Please use the subscribe button that is below the membership level you want:

SportsQuest Membership
Please note: ‘SINGLE Baseball/Softball Membership’ is for ONE child. If you have multiple children wanting a membership, please sign up for one of the FAMILY plans below.